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Version: v23.09

Build From Source on Windows - MinGW-w64


In order to compile PcapPlusPlus on Windows using MinGW-w64 you need the following components:

  1. CMake which can be installed from: or with pacman if using MSYS2: pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-cmake

  2. Download and run MinGW-w64 installer from here:

  3. Make sure that MinGW-w64 bin directory is in your PATH environment variable, for example:

  4. Download and install WinPcap OR Npcap on your system

    Note for Npcap:

    If you install Npcap please check the Install Npcap in WinPcap API-compatilbility mode option during installation:

    Npcap-WinPcap compatilibitly

  5. WinPcap developer's pack OR Npcap SDK - containing the wpcap library PcapPlusPlus is linking with plus relevant .h files.

    1. WinPcap developer's pack can be downloaded from here:
    2. Npcap SDK can be downloaded from here:


Assuming you want to build PcapPlusPlus into a build directory:

cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DPCAP_ROOT=<NpcapSDK_or_WinPcapDevPack_Directory> -S . -B build

And then initiate the build in one of two ways:

  • Using CMake:
    cmake --build build
  • Using make:
    cd build

This process will build the following artifacts:

  • PcapPlusPlus libs:
    • build\Common++\libCommon++.a
    • build\Packet++\libPacket++.a
    • build\Pcap++\libPcap++.a
  • PcapPlusPlus examples binaries under build\examples_bin
  • PcapPlusPlus tests:
    • <PcapPlusPlus_Dir>\Tests\Packet++Test\Bin\Packet++Test.exe
    • <PcapPlusPlus_Dir>\Tests\Pcap++Test\Bin\Pcap++Test.exe

The following configuration options are available (on top of CMake's built-in options):

-DPCAP_ROOT=<DIR>Npcap SDK or WinPcap developer pack directory (mandatory option)
-DPCAPPP_BUILD_EXAMPLES=<ON/OFF>Build PcapPlusPlus examples (default value is ON if building the project itself, otherwise OFF)
-DPCAPPP_BUILD_TESTS=<ON/OFF>Build PcapPlusPlus tests (default value is ON if building the project itself, otherwise OFF)
-DPCAPPP_BUILD_TUTORIALS=<ON/OFF>Build PcapPlusPlus tutorials. This option is only available if DPCAPPP_BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON. The tutorials binaries will be under build\tutorials_bin (default value is OFF)
-DPCAPPP_INSTALL=<ON/OFF>Install PcapPlusPlus (default value is ON if building the project itself, otherwise OFF)
-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=<ON/OFF>Build shared libs (default value is OFF)
-DPCAPPP_ENABLE_PCAP_IMMEDIATE_MODE=<ON/OFF>Enable pcap immediate mode, available only in Npcap (default value is OFF)
-DPCAPPP_ENABLE_PCAP_SET_DIRECTION=<ON/OFF>Enable set direction for capturing incoming or outgoing packets (default value is OFF)


Windows doesn't have a default install directory, but you may want to see all libs, header files and examples under one directory (which is not the build directory). Here is how to acheive that:

cmake --install build --prefix "/"

Running tests

PcapPlusPlus contains a set of test-cases you can run to make sure that everything works correctly on your system. This guide contains detailed instructions on how to run them.