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Version: v23.09

Supported platforms

The platforms and toolchains described below are supported and being continuously tested.

Windows Windows

Linux Linux

Basically every x86 GCC toolchain should work, but PcapPlusPlus is being continuously tested on the following platforms:


Both Intel and Apple silicon (M1) processors are supported.

  • Monterey (12.0)
  • Big Sur (11.0)

Android Android

  • All 4 major Android ABIs are supported: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • API versions 21-30


Versions 12.3 and above are supported

Other platforms

Other platforms and toolchains may work as well, but the support is not guaranteed. If you'd like us to add additional platforms please contact us.

CI reports

You can view the status of each supported platform in our CI reports:

CI PlatformBuild Status
GitHub Actions (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android):GitHub Actions
Cirrus CI (FreeBSD):Build Status