PcapPlusPlus  21.05
pcpp::icmp_router_advertisement Struct Reference

#include <IcmpLayer.h>

Public Member Functions

icmp_router_address_structuregetRouterAddress (int index) const

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

ICMP router advertisement message structure

Member Function Documentation

◆ getRouterAddress()

icmp_router_address_structure* pcpp::icmp_router_advertisement::getRouterAddress ( int  index) const

Extract router advertisement at a given index

[in]indexThe index of the router advertisement
A pointer to the router advertisement on the packet or null if index is out of range (less than zero or greater than the number of router advertisement records on this message, determined by advertisementCount field)

Member Data Documentation

◆ header

icmp_router_advertisement_hdr* pcpp::icmp_router_advertisement::header

a pointer to the header data on the packet