PcapPlusPlus  21.05
pcpp::gtpv1_header Struct Reference

#include <GtpLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t npduNumberFlag:1
uint8_t sequenceNumberFlag:1
uint8_t extensionHeaderFlag:1
uint8_t reserved:1
uint8_t protocolType:1
uint8_t version:3
uint8_t messageType
uint16_t messageLength
uint32_t teid

Detailed Description

GTP v1 common message header

Member Data Documentation

◆ extensionHeaderFlag

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::extensionHeaderFlag

A 1-bit value that states whether there is an extension header optional field

◆ messageLength

uint16_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::messageLength

A 16-bit field that indicates the length of the payload in bytes (rest of the packet following the mandatory 8-byte GTP header). Includes the optional fields

◆ messageType

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::messageType

An 8-bit field that indicates the type of GTP message

◆ npduNumberFlag

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::npduNumberFlag

A 1-bit value that states whether there is a N-PDU number optional field

◆ protocolType

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::protocolType

A 1-bit value that differentiates GTP (value 1) from GTP' (value 0)

◆ reserved

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::reserved

Reserved bit

◆ sequenceNumberFlag

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::sequenceNumberFlag

A 1-bit value that states whether there is a Sequence Number optional field

◆ teid

uint32_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::teid

Tunnel endpoint identifier - A 32-bit(4-octet) field used to multiplex different connections in the same GTP tunnel

◆ version

uint8_t pcpp::gtpv1_header::version

GTP version