PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
pcpp::sll_header Struct Reference

#include <SllLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t packet_type
uint16_t ARPHRD_type
uint16_t link_layer_addr_len
uint8_t link_layer_addr [8]
uint16_t protocol_type

Detailed Description

Represents SLL header

Member Data Documentation

◆ ARPHRD_type

uint16_t pcpp::sll_header::ARPHRD_type

Contains a Linux ARPHRD_ value for the link-layer device type

◆ link_layer_addr

uint8_t pcpp::sll_header::link_layer_addr[8]

contains the link-layer address of the sender of the packet; the number of bytes of that field that are meaningful is specified by the link-layer address length field

◆ link_layer_addr_len

uint16_t pcpp::sll_header::link_layer_addr_len

Contains the length of the link-layer address of the sender of the packet. That length could be zero

◆ packet_type

uint16_t pcpp::sll_header::packet_type

Specifies whether packet was: specifically sent to us by somebody else (value=0); broadcast by somebody else (value=1); multicast, but not broadcast, by somebody else (value=2); sent to somebody else by somebody else (value=3); sent by us (value=4)

◆ protocol_type

uint16_t pcpp::sll_header::protocol_type

Contains an Ethernet protocol type of the next layer