PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
pcpp::gre_basic_header Struct Reference

#include <GreLayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for pcpp::gre_basic_header:

Public Attributes

uint8_t recursionControl:3
uint8_t strictSourceRouteBit:1
uint8_t sequenceNumBit:1
uint8_t keyBit:1
uint8_t routingBit:1
uint8_t checksumBit:1
uint8_t version:3
uint8_t flags:4
uint8_t ackSequenceNumBit:1
uint16_t protocol

Detailed Description

Represents GRE basic protocol header (common for GREv0 and GREv1)

Member Data Documentation

◆ ackSequenceNumBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::ackSequenceNumBit

Set if acknowledgment number is set (GRE v1 only)

◆ checksumBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::checksumBit

Set if checksum exists (GRE v0 only)

◆ flags

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::flags


◆ keyBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::keyBit

Set if key exists

◆ protocol

uint16_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::protocol

Protocol type of the next layer

◆ recursionControl

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::recursionControl

Number of additional encapsulations which are permitted. 0 is the default value

◆ routingBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::routingBit

Set if routing exists (GRE v0 only)

◆ sequenceNumBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::sequenceNumBit

Set if sequence number exists

◆ strictSourceRouteBit

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::strictSourceRouteBit

Strict source routing bit (GRE v0 only)

◆ version

uint8_t pcpp::gre_basic_header::version

GRE version - can be 0 or 1