PcapPlusPlus  21.11
pcpp::dnshdr Struct Reference

#include <DnsLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t transactionID
uint16_t recursionDesired:1
uint16_t truncation:1
uint16_t authoritativeAnswer:1
uint16_t opcode:4
uint16_t queryOrResponse:1
uint16_t responseCode:4
uint16_t checkingDisabled:1
uint16_t authenticData:1
uint16_t zero:1
uint16_t recursionAvailable:1
uint16_t numberOfQuestions
uint16_t numberOfAnswers
uint16_t numberOfAuthority
uint16_t numberOfAdditional

Detailed Description

Represents the fixed part of the DNS header, meaning the part that doesn't include the DNS data (queries, answers, authorities and additional records)

Member Data Documentation

◆ authenticData

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::authenticData

Authenticated data flag

◆ authoritativeAnswer

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::authoritativeAnswer

Authoritative answer flag

◆ checkingDisabled

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::checkingDisabled

Checking disabled flag

◆ numberOfAdditional

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAdditional

Number of additional records in packet

◆ numberOfAnswers

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAnswers

Number of DNS answer records in packet

◆ numberOfAuthority

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAuthority

Number of authority records in packet

◆ numberOfQuestions

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfQuestions

Number of DNS query records in packet

◆ opcode

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::opcode

Operation Code

◆ queryOrResponse

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::queryOrResponse

Query/Response flag

◆ recursionAvailable

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::recursionAvailable

Recursion available flag

◆ recursionDesired

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::recursionDesired

Recursion desired flag

◆ responseCode

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::responseCode

Return Code

◆ transactionID

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::transactionID

DNS query identification

◆ truncation

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::truncation

Truncated flag

◆ zero

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::zero

Zero flag (Reserved)