PcapPlusPlus  21.05
pcpp::IPv6RoutingHeader::ipv6_routing_header Struct Reference

#include <IPv6Extensions.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t nextHeader
uint8_t headerLen
uint8_t routingType
uint8_t segmentsLeft

Detailed Description

A struct representing the fixed part of the IPv6 routing extension header

Member Data Documentation

◆ headerLen

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6RoutingHeader::ipv6_routing_header::headerLen

The length of this header, in multiples of 8 octets, not including the first 8 octets

◆ nextHeader

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6RoutingHeader::ipv6_routing_header::nextHeader

Next header type

◆ routingType

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6RoutingHeader::ipv6_routing_header::routingType

A value representing the routing type

◆ segmentsLeft

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6RoutingHeader::ipv6_routing_header::segmentsLeft

Number of nodes this packet still has to visit before reaching its final destination