PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header Struct Reference

#include <IPv6Extensions.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t nextHeader
uint8_t headerLen
uint16_t reserved
uint32_t securityParametersIndex
uint32_t sequenceNumber

Detailed Description

A struct representing the fixed part of the IPv6 authentication header extension

Member Data Documentation

◆ headerLen

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header::headerLen

The length of this Authentication Header in 4-octet units, minus 2. For example, an AH value of 4 equals: [ 3×(32-bit fixed-length AH fields) + 3×(32-bit ICV fields) − 2 ] and thus an AH value of 4 means 24 octets

◆ nextHeader

uint8_t pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header::nextHeader

Next header type

◆ reserved

uint16_t pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header::reserved

Reserved bytes, all zeros

◆ securityParametersIndex

uint32_t pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header::securityParametersIndex

Arbitrary value which is used (together with the destination IP address) to identify the security association of the receiving party

◆ sequenceNumber

uint32_t pcpp::IPv6AuthenticationHeader::ipv6_authentication_header::sequenceNumber

A monotonic strictly increasing sequence number (incremented by 1 for every packet sent)