PcapPlusPlus  21.11
pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats Struct Reference

#include <DpdkDevice.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t devId
timespec timestamp
RxTxStats rxStats [16]
RxTxStats txStats [16]
RxTxStats aggregatedRxStats
RxTxStats aggregatedTxStats
uint64_t rxPacketsDropeedByHW
uint64_t rxErroneousPackets
uint64_t rxMbufAlocFailed

Detailed Description

A container for DpdkDevice statistics

Member Data Documentation

◆ aggregatedRxStats

RxTxStats pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::aggregatedRxStats

RX statistics, aggregated for all RX queues

◆ aggregatedTxStats

RxTxStats pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::aggregatedTxStats

TX statistics, aggregated for all TX queues

◆ devId

uint8_t pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::devId

◆ rxErroneousPackets

uint64_t pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::rxErroneousPackets

Total number of erroneous packets

◆ rxMbufAlocFailed

uint64_t pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::rxMbufAlocFailed

Total number of RX mbuf allocation failuers

◆ rxPacketsDropeedByHW

uint64_t pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::rxPacketsDropeedByHW

Total number of RX packets dropped by H/W because there are no available buffers (i.e RX queues are full)

◆ rxStats

RxTxStats pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::rxStats[16]

RX statistics per RX queue

◆ timestamp

timespec pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::timestamp

The timestamp of when the stats were written

◆ txStats

RxTxStats pcpp::DpdkDevice::DpdkDeviceStats::txStats[16]

TX statistics per TX queue