PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
pcpp::ConnectionData Struct Reference

#include <TcpReassembly.h>

Public Member Functions

 ConnectionData ()
void setStartTime (const timeval &startTime)
void setEndTime (const timeval &endTime)

Public Attributes

IPAddress srcIP
IPAddress dstIP
uint16_t srcPort
uint16_t dstPort
uint32_t flowKey
timeval startTime
timeval endTime

Detailed Description

Represents basic TCP/UDP + IP connection data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConnectionData()

pcpp::ConnectionData::ConnectionData ( )

A c'tor for this struct that basically zeros all members

Member Function Documentation

◆ setEndTime()

void pcpp::ConnectionData::setEndTime ( const timeval &  endTime)

Set endTime of Connection

[in]endTimeinteger value

◆ setStartTime()

void pcpp::ConnectionData::setStartTime ( const timeval &  startTime)

Set startTime of Connection

[in]startTimeinteger value

Member Data Documentation

◆ dstIP

IPAddress pcpp::ConnectionData::dstIP

Destination IP address

◆ dstPort

uint16_t pcpp::ConnectionData::dstPort

Destination TCP/UDP port

◆ endTime

timeval pcpp::ConnectionData::endTime

End TimeStamp of the connection

◆ flowKey

uint32_t pcpp::ConnectionData::flowKey

A 4-byte hash key representing the connection

◆ srcIP

IPAddress pcpp::ConnectionData::srcIP

Source IP address

◆ srcPort

uint16_t pcpp::ConnectionData::srcPort

Source TCP/UDP port

◆ startTime

timeval pcpp::ConnectionData::startTime

Start TimeStamp of the connection