PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter Struct Reference

#include <BgpLayer.h>

Public Member Functions

 optional_parameter ()
 optional_parameter (uint8_t typeVal, std::string valueAsHexString)

Public Attributes

uint8_t type
uint8_t length
uint8_t value [32]

Detailed Description

A structure that represents BGP OPEN message optional parameters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ optional_parameter() [1/2]

pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter::optional_parameter ( )

A default c'tor that zeroes all data

◆ optional_parameter() [2/2]

pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter::optional_parameter ( uint8_t  typeVal,
std::string  valueAsHexString 

A c'tor that initializes the values of the struct

[in]typeValParameter type value
[in]valueAsHexStringParameter data as hex string. The length field will be set accordingly. If this parameter is not a valid hex string the data will remain zeroed and length will be also zero

Member Data Documentation

◆ length

uint8_t pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter::length

Parameter length

◆ type

uint8_t pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter::type

Parameter type

◆ value

uint8_t pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter::value[32]

Parameter data