PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
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 KniDevice.hThis file and KniDeviceList.h provide PcapPlusPlus C++ wrapper for DPDK KNI (Kernel Network Interace) library (librte_kni). The main propose of the rte_kni library is to provide a way to forward packets received by DPDK application to Linux kernel (a.e. to processes that have opened some kind of a net socket) for further processing and to obtain packets from Linux kernel. The KNI device is the bridge that accomplish the translation between DPDK packets (mbuf) and Linux kernel/socket packets (skbuf). Currently KNI devices report speeds upto 10 GBit/s.
KNI device is a virtual network interface so it can be created and destroyed programmatically at will. As a real network interface KNI deivice must be managed appropriately like other interfaces. To start operate it MUST be given an IP address for example by the means of ip a command and MUST be put up for example by ip l set [interface] up.
Additionally KNI interfaces support 4 other settings (depends on DPDK version used):