PcapPlusPlus  21.11
pcpp::OrFilter Class Reference

#include <PcapFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OrFilter ()
 OrFilter (std::vector< GeneralFilter *> &filters)
void addFilter (GeneralFilter *filter)
void parseToString (std::string &result)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcpp::GeneralFilter
bool matchPacketWithFilter (RawPacket *rawPacket)
virtual ~GeneralFilter ()

Detailed Description

A class for connecting several filters into one filter with logical "or" between them. For example: if the 2 filters are: "IPv4 address = x.x.x.x" + "TCP port dst = 80", then the new filter will be: "IPv4 address = x.x.x.x _OR_ TCP port dst = 80"
This class follows the composite design pattern
For deeper understanding of the filter concept please refer to PcapFilter.h

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OrFilter() [1/2]

pcpp::OrFilter::OrFilter ( )

An empty constructor for this class. Use addFilter() to add filters to the or condition

◆ OrFilter() [2/2]

pcpp::OrFilter::OrFilter ( std::vector< GeneralFilter *> &  filters)

A constructor that gets a list of pointers to filters and creates one filter from all filters with logical "or" between them

[in]filtersThe list of pointers to filters

Member Function Documentation

◆ addFilter()

void pcpp::OrFilter::addFilter ( GeneralFilter filter)

Add filter to the or condition

[in]filterThe filter to add

◆ parseToString()

void pcpp::OrFilter::parseToString ( std::string &  result)

A method that parses the class instance into BPF string format

[out]resultAn empty string that the parsing will be written into. If the string isn't empty, its content will be overridden
No return value

Implements pcpp::GeneralFilter.