PcapPlusPlus  21.05+
BgpLayer.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "Layer.h"
#include "IpAddress.h"

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class  pcpp::BgpLayer
struct  pcpp::BgpLayer::bgp_common_header
class  pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer
struct  pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::bgp_open_message
struct  pcpp::BgpOpenMessageLayer::optional_parameter
class  pcpp::BgpUpdateMessageLayer
struct  pcpp::BgpUpdateMessageLayer::prefix_and_ip
struct  pcpp::BgpUpdateMessageLayer::path_attribute
class  pcpp::BgpNotificationMessageLayer
struct  pcpp::BgpNotificationMessageLayer::bgp_notification_message
class  pcpp::BgpKeepaliveMessageLayer
class  pcpp::BgpRouteRefreshMessageLayer
struct  pcpp::BgpRouteRefreshMessageLayer::bgp_route_refresh_message


 The main namespace for the PcapPlusPlus lib.

Detailed Description

This file contains classes for parsing, creating and editing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) version 4 packets. It contains an abstract class named BgpLayer which has common functionality and 5 inherited classes that represent the different BGP message types: OPEN, UPDATE, NOTIFICATION, KEEPALIVE and ROUTE-REFRESH. Each of these classes contains unique functionality for parsing. creating and editing of these message.